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Old 02-06-2017, 03:26 PM
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Monsanto Chemical ran the Mound Atomic laboratory in Miamisburg Ohio. They released radioactive Tritium gas into the air more than once. Families in Miamisburg with no history of cancer suddenly developed cancers. My own wife worked there between 19958 and 1962 where she was overexposed to polonium 210 four times (I have the records). She died in October 2015 of ovarian cancer. After a battle beginning in August 2015 they have finally admitted responsibility and compensation is forthcoming. The ironic part is that she was not required to wear film badges or dosimeters because where she worked she would not be exposed to radioactive materials. They - Monsanto - had the reputation in scientific circles of running the dirtiest, most unsafe nuclear facility on earth. So they made a film with a group of former supervisors bragging about how they had worked there many, many years and never developed cancer.In the 1970s OSHA came out with best practices for atomic labs but that was rather like having a speed limit without a highway patrol. After Karen Silkwood died in suspicious circumstances they closed down the lab where she had worked . Government nuclear facilities should never, ever be put in the hands of private industry, they have too much greed.

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