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Old 08-10-2018, 08:02 PM
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Christian Conservatives Gave Us Trump

Religious identity played a key role behind President Trump's surprise 2016 victory, according to pollster Dan Cox, research director of the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI).

“We talk a lot about changing race and ethnicity but we don’t talk as much about the changing religious landscape as well,” Cox said during a Friday episode of “What America’s Thinking,” Hill.TV’s show about public opinion and polling.

“If you look at the percent of white Christians in the country, it’s declining precipitously, and that’s another part of the story,” Cox said.

He continued: “This sort of fear of tectonic changes that are occurring, that are roiling our political environment, and I think that is what has people up in arms. If you look at what animated voters to Trump, particularly among white, working class, it was these cultural concerns, much more than the economic.”

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly referred to Christians as being subject to persecution within the United States. He also spoke frequently about uniting Christians against other religious groups.

"Christianity, it's under siege," the future president said during a January 2016 address to Liberty University, an evangelical college overseen by Jerry Falwell Jr. "We've got to protect because bad things are happening, very bad things are happening."

...A PRRI report published last year found that 79 percent of white working-class Protestant evangelicals surveyed were afraid the U.S. was losing its cultural identity. By comparison, just 56 percent of white working-class respondents with no religious affiliation agreed.


Religious conservatives feel besieged because of their diminishing ability to impose their beliefs and morals (to the extent they still have any) on the rest of the country. Tough shit, I'm just not that into snake-handling.
As long as the roots are not severed, all will be well in the garden.
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Old 08-11-2018, 03:13 AM
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They're not being persecuted, their religion has been exploited and twisted into a money making sham and Americas youth have seen this. Moreover, it is now little more than a political tool.

I actually find it very sad to see Christianity destroyed by these greedy, half-assed, pseudo-Christians.

"Prosperity Gospel", my ass. It's a con and nothing more.
"When the lie is so big and the fog so thick, the Republican trick can play out again....."-------Frank Zappa

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