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Old 08-21-2018, 07:35 AM
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He speaks perfect English...

“The border patrol agent who caught the accused and likely saved many lives, he’s here with us,” Trump said at the White House event. “You’re not nervous, right? Speaks perfect English.”

Hal Sparks

The presidents mind is drifting away into a sea of petty racist fixations and awkward attempts at confidence.
We’d be better off if he just farted ‘the star spangled banner’ into a microphone 😒 https://youtu.be/7c-YY-iB7Ik

7:29 PM - Aug 20, 2018

I know words, I have the best words.
When was the last time there was a gay-pride parade in Ramallah, a women’s rights march in Gaza, or an opposition press in Tehran?
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