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Old 10-25-2018, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueStreak View Post
I believe we will survive all of this but, it must get far worse before the watershed occurs. Therefore, the pigs will win in November and the atrocious behavior will continue to grow more tragic, absurd and bizarre. Sorry, Bob.
Don't know how old you are, Dave...but me and the blonde have maybe, hopefully, 15 good years left. And if your prediction is at all accurate, it's already past the time to take advantage of her dual citizen status and pick a decent country in the EU, in which to comfortably ride it out. A country where half the residents don't approve of the performance of a sociopathic criminal fascist chief executive, who's primary goal in life is identifying the next person he can fuck over. And with Trump's latest approval ratings, walking down the street knowing that only half the people passing by are decent human beings...well, it's no way to live.

Scandinavia is cold, but so is Chicago...so we've been thinking Denmark. Where the majority seems to have the right idea about what is actually a nice non-destructive quality of life. Although she has almost 50 first cousins all over Ireland, so that might be the better choice.
When was the last time there was a gay-pride parade in Ramallah, a women’s rights march in Gaza, or an opposition press in Tehran?

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