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Old 05-24-2018, 01:31 PM
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Evangelicals vs Refugees

It seems that white Evangelicals don't take the Bible very seriously when it comes to the plight of refugees (many of whom are the long-term victims of Dubya's ill-fated Iraq War that they strongly supported).

Polling from Pew Research Center showed that about 56 percent of Americans believed that the United States had a responsibility to welcome refugees into the country. In the year since, that figure has dropped and is now at a bare majority, 51 percent.

But Pew’s new research includes a fascinating detail: No group agrees less with the idea that the United States has a responsibility to accept refugees than white evangelical Protestants.

Only 25 percent of evangelicals told Pew that they believed the United States has such a responsibility, half the percentage of Catholics who said the same thing and substantially lower than the religiously unaffiliated.


I guess their Bible-thumping, holier-than-thou hypocrisy allows them to support a vile cretin like Trump while ignoring a few key Biblical passages:

“Treat refugees the way you want to be treated,” (Leviticus).
“Invite the stranger in.” (Matthew)
“Open your door to the traveler” (Job).
As long as the roots are not severed, all will be well in the garden.

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Old 05-24-2018, 07:23 PM
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Sorry to offend any who disagree. But too many of the WASP Evangelicals I have known over the years. Hypocrisy is the norm for some reason they believe because being ""SAVED"" or ""THE CHOSEN ONES"" are special. Even entitled to wealth, privilege and treatment. Unquestioned in their beliefs, unbending to all others. For they have all the answers.

I avoid at all times now.

This refugee crisis is a prime example of the very point of my rant. For they only care for themselves.

I forget just who said this,

As a Atheist once was asked "why (by a Christian friend) just why you do good deeds since you don't believe in a God or Heaven and Hell?

Replied, because it is the right thing to do, don't need the fear of burning in Hell to compel me.

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Old 07-11-2018, 12:29 PM
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Pastor Paula White, chair of President Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board, defended Trump’s child separation policy earlier this week by claiming that Jesus did not live in Egypt illegally, and that “he would not have been our Messiah” if he’d broken the law...

“Yes, he did live in Egypt for three-and-a-half years,” the televangelist told CBN News. “But it was not illegal.”

“If he had broken the law, then he would have been sinful and he would not have been our Messiah,” White added.

As long as the roots are not severed, all will be well in the garden.
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Old 07-11-2018, 01:57 PM
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So Jesus would separate families?
If things don't go right, go left!
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Old 07-14-2018, 08:48 AM
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That's because American Evangelism has nothing to do with Christianity, it's all about slick talking morons out of their money and little more. Why do you think they get along with Trump so well? It's because they're birds of a feather. They pimp Jesus, Trump sells grossly over priced hotel rooms and bullshit stories of his own greatness. Snake oil salesmen.
"When the lie is so big and the fog so thick, the Republican trick can play out again....."-------Frank Zappa
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