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Old 10-12-2017, 08:03 AM
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The Hypocrisy of White Americans Rears its Ugly Zit-Covered Head

So a majority of Americans don't like black NFL players "disrespecting our anthem, our flag and our proud military who protect our freedom. :roll: Enough so that NFL owners and the NFL commissioner will probably go ahead and begin action agains players taking a knee. Fine...good...great. It's a great country with a First Amendment that means nothing since employers have always had the right to limit speech, behavior and other activities by employees in the workplace.

But just as a point of reference...

White folks, and now apparently white fans of professional football as well, keep telling black folks that they now have a level cultural playing field and should quit whining about discrimination. What this 5 cent cigar needs is a good country. And we don't start having a good country until it's a country with solid majority of decent white people. Fat chance of that.

Millions of white people have acceptable reasons for disrespecting the flag and the anthem every day...acceptable to other white people. But one black man takes a knee and it's a fucking outrage. This country sucks donkey...and it's on the white majority who disapprove of black men taking a knee...because they are simply sick and fucking tired of it.
White vote 58% Trump...6 of 10 white Americans are scum. Officially ashamed of my race.

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Old 10-12-2017, 04:26 PM
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"And we don't start having a good country until it's a country with solid majority of decent white people. Fat chance of that."

A fat chance that the country will have a majority of white people or that they will be decent?

It occurs to me that republicans seem to view black, Mexican, LGBT, Muslims and poor people in the same light as Nazi Germans once viewed Jewish people. We must be vigilant that it goes no further.
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