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Old 10-29-2018, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by nailer View Post
I don't think the government can persuade the vast majority of Americans to voluntarily do something they don't want to do. The desire to have your own space is part of who we are as a species. People who can afford to have always put space between themselves and others, even within a family. What younger brother who shared a bedroom with his older brother didn't long for his own room. In addition, people who live in close quarters are as lonely as those they that don't.

I understand your concern about what Global Warming is going to bring about. It can be frustrating to perceive that we have the ability to address some of the identifiable causes. Are you familiar with James Burke's excellent Connections series? At it's close he presents four paths into the future we could take to address the problem. The last one is the path he thinks we will follow - muddle through as best we can because that is what humans have done with crises since the beginning of history. It's who we are as a species.
As I continue my journey into politics I keep learning that what is old is new again. Political discussion can get so convoluted that that we even forget what we have said and begin to disagree with ourselves given enough time. Discovering and profiting from inconsistency seems to be the new business model of New York, New York and it has infected Silicon Valley. Or maybe their fascination with profit is mutual and they are involved in a circle jerk to use a colloquialism.

In any event the notion of love/hate affair with walls struck me in the heart again with the walls that are in NYC. They take the form of little pyramid pricks that prevent people from sitting. The rich people profit from sidewalk merchants and street musicians, but yet the rich people want to exclude others. So what permanent structures do they erect to insulate themselves from the ephemeral dances of street beauty?

Little prick pyramids like the butt irritating cones in the attached photo. They say to me thanks for your money, now get the fuck out. It would be funny and inspirational if the owner sat on them to show tolerance for pain like a god or a stoic. But the owner is absent. So were the customers. The associated restaurant had an empty chairs with empty tables feeling about it. The butt irritating forms were an unnecessary barbed wired fence around a space that people did not want to invade.

Somewhere else on PC I wrote an angry piece about Michigan business owners building cities that they do not want to live in. Here is what their dreams look like in NYC space if it all goes wrong.
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People like stories.
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