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Originally Posted by Wasillaguy View Post
All Trump's companies file financial discosures, so I'm sure it's easy to point out his Russian holdings, profits, etc.
Much easier than finding out how much our own gov sold the London embassy to our enemies for.
Ever heard of shell companies? Also why is Trump worried then about Muller's investigation into his and his family's finances? If there is nothing to hide, there should be nothing to worry about.

Here is a BBC report directed at people such as you. To begin with, we did not own the building, just a 999 year lease. Yes the leasing rights were sold to a Qatari group estimated to be in the £300m and £500m.

The real reason the Dotartd is lying and bitching is probably because he could not get his hands on this property. London probably does not want a trump tower on their skyline.

The claim: The Obama administration sold the US embassy in London for "peanuts".

The verdict: President Trump is right that the sale did take place during the Obama administration. The final amount was not disclosed but estimates of its value varied between £300m and £500m. However, the decision to move was taken when George W Bush was in the White House.

President Trump took to Twitter to announce he had cancelled a trip to the UK where he was expected to open the new US embassy building in London. He said it was because his predecessor Barack Obama sold the old building for "peanuts".

The US mission is moving to its new diplomatic headquarters in south London after decades in the site at Grosvenor Square.

The US government sold the lease for the old embassy to Qatari real estate group Qatari Diar, which plans to turn the building into a hotel.

So, was President Trump right about which president sanctioned the sale?

The building itself was never owned outright by the United States. It owned a 999-year leasehold, but the freehold is owned by Grosvenor Estates.

The decision to move away from the Grade II listed building to Nine Elms was taken by the George W Bush administration in October 2008, shortly before he left office.
So what's another lie or two and an Obama blame thrown in. Now you know why he will not go to London, he will be a real life laughing stock.

Besides he should be able to find out how much the lease sold for, so why isn't he doing and announcing the final price? Of course it's possible tha it is written in the lease purchase agreement that the purchase price cannot be disclosed, which sounds more like it. Property developers often do not want purchase prices made public.
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