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Originally Posted by Wasillaguy View Post
The Don Jr quote comes from an article written for some obscure travel publication called eturbonews by one Helen Heyer, who is a travel/real estate writer.
No corroboration from anyone else at this conference that I can find. Did Don Jr give her an exclusive interview in a side room? Or was he speaking at a lectern, in which case I would think someone would have audio and possibly video evidence he made these remarks.
In fact, I would think any writer worth a damn would record their interview themselves. You know, so they could be sure their story was accurate and verifiable.

Again, let me know when you have facts.
You're just playing the stupid game where if you can hit anything over the net, you're not losing the point? Even if you ignore the Donald Trump quote, which was done at a podium, on camera? Even if you ignore all the many many other Russian connections cited in the Time article, from which Carl quoted just two examples? And even if you ignore EVERYTHING ELSE about this totally dishonest, incompetent, racist disgrace of a President?

You are playing your trivial tennis on the deck of the Titanic. And frankly, I have ZERO respect for anyone who chooses to defend Trump at this time.
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