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Originally Posted by donquixote99 View Post
It's interesting that Smith discussed shepherds. He also wrote a book called 'The theory of Moral Sentiments' which I sometimes think I should read...

Consciousness of losing a word like 'shepherd' is outside my experience, but the limits and vagaries of my meat computer are becoming more obvious....
You hit me with "consciousness of losing a word".

Tonight I am reflecting on how long all of us have chatted on this forum and all the hairs that we tried to split. It is a wonderful dance.

Political tension started in my mind around the time I finished law school and read Seven Storey Mountain. Since then I have tried to distill fights to their essence. I think that my courage grew when I was in law school and tried to explain the value of interest rates to my professor. She did not understand me and I did not understand the law. We were professionals talking past each other.

How far has technology taken us since the beer summit or the kitchen debate, really? Whenever I noodle on a problem the solution seems to drill down to quietly talking to someone. It drills down to quiet.

An echo rings of a clergyman seeking the quiet of the countryside. He wrote that perhaps the church must admit some guilt for want of sprawl. His honesty is my conscious memory of quiet.
People like stories.
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