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Originally Posted by Rajoo View Post
Not sure if this new item deserves a new thread, but here it is. Trey Gowdy and his House Oversight Committee is going to investigate WH aide Porter's employment and security clearances. He has subpoenaed documents from both Kelly & Wray. This could get very interesting unless this is a whitewash attempt by Gowdy Benghazi. Of course a similar investigation is going on in the Senate Intelligence Committee, so this may just be a me too. Either way the negative media attention is bound to make DTD go tweet tweet. Hopefully Kelly will depart and take HH with him.

Gowdy launches probe into Rob Porterís White House employment
I'm skeptical of Gowdy's intentions. I suspect that his plan is to provide Ryan and McConnell the opportunity to not have to answer questions on this issue. They can simply respond that Gowdy is on the case.
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