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Before someone notes that the radioactive emissions fro Polonium 210 are said to not be able to penetrate the skin I must note. Monsanto in its frugality allowed material and staff to share the same elevator. Due to crowding on the elevators she sat on a container. It was full of Polonium 210. I trust everyone is familiar enough with female anatomy to realize that the rays did not need to penetrate the skin.

Also in the records of her time at the Mound about the dates of her over exposure she went to the nurse's station several times complaining of nausea - a known symptom of Polonium 210 poisoning. Later investigation by a team led by John Boice of Vanderbilt University showed that their methodology for performing a Polonium210 bio-assay was flawed. Dr. Boice was kind enough to send me a copy of his report.
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