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Originally Posted by djv8ga View Post
& where do you shred? I don't believe you could ride boogie board.
Dude, I'm an old man, doncha know? Never boogie boarded or owned any board, just myself and some fins. Redondo, Hermosa, Smell Segundo, HB, 'Killer' Dana (don't get washing machined there, effin' rock bottom), Swami's (same as Dana) and Black's Beach

F**k 'Trestles' in San Clemente, too far to walk and those old hippie longboarders will skag you and then kick the shit outta you after you wash up on the beach.

The closest I'll get to surfing these days is if I snagged one while fishing a jig at the 'The Wedge' in Newport but then, I've always practiced catch and release with surf grommets and punkers. No worries, though. I use only 4-6 oz. jigs with barbless treble hooks, it's more fun that way.
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