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On the way to the gym today, I decided to listen to talk radio (as I often do to see what "news" is being pushed by Limbaugh and Co.). Anyway, on the way to the gym, Chris Plante (a far-right bomb thrower) insisted that since Comet Ping Pong was in a liberal neighborhood, the original source of the fake news must have been a disgruntled liberal who got a bad pizza. Then on the way home, Rush Limbaugh's sit-in, Mark Steyn, insisted that there was no such thing as "fake news" and that "fake news" was in fact real news that liberals didn't want to hear. It seems Trump and Co. are feeling the heat over Gen. Flynn and his wayward son (and/or Trump's discredited 3 million illegal votes claim) and are trying to discredit the existence of fake news or to say that it is only a liberal phenomena.

It seems Whell got the memo.
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