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Originally Posted by noonereal View Post
Here is what I think happened.

They called yesterday about this job as 6 hours at one client is a good days pay for this operation. Then... after confining this job they said, "oh, BTW, we have a one hour job just before this one, it's so convenient."

The client never called in, it was used as a carrot to get the one hour gig, at 6:30 am covered.
He needs to dump that agency if he can. Unless they are offering good benefits or he is getting pretty decent hours.

You say he makes $10? My wife makes $11 as a janitor in a California casino.
Your area in NY and mine in Socal are not too much different in terms of cost of living.

I know some x-ray techs that get hit with the same thing. The bad thing is that these agencies probably have a whole roster of people to do this too.

Now if he is brand new to the agency and wants to keep the job sometimes you have to do the really annoying stuff like what you just detailed in order to make a good reputation and gain regular hours....they tend to call those who tend to show up and thus give them regular hours because they have a reputation for reliability. But if he has been doing this for a few years then they are just using him to save money.
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