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Nah...we don't want to be hasty in removing Donald...

The CNBC article below outlines only one of dozens of potential catastrophes lurking under the surface while way, way too many Americans diddle shit around with their concerns over damage to the GOP, utilizing the 25th Amendment, and generally not wanting "to be hasty."

It's happening in the Department of the Interior, at the EPA. Pruitt is withdrawing the Clean Power Plan. Decapitation of the State Department through unfilled diplomatic positions. Unfilled positions at DHS and particularly FEMA...where vast areas of Puerto Rico still have no power and no potable water. No assistant secretary of state for Asia and Pacific affairs because Trump doesn't want anybody to deal with N. Korea but him, and he doesn't want any input about N. Korea from anybody but himself. The middle level officians who actually know what happens in the world outside of Mar-A-Lago, outside of the empty head of Donald Trump...all of them are gone.

And this from left-wing fake news organization...certainly not one where the major face and major voice for so long was Lawrence Kudlow.

CNBC: Disastrous Geopolitical And Financial Events Loom...
Sure let's just hand over the influence in Asia and the Pacific Rim on a silver platter to China. Well it's already done...when we pulled out of the TPP.

But no...let's wait until we have a legitimate reason to remove him. The dismantling and decapitation of American government isn't enough reason...let's fucking wait.

As the title of this slate article reads....
You'll Miss The Administrative State When It's Gone.

We may already be fucked...most of it is already gone.

I for one now question the actual motives of anybody anywhere suggesting that Trump doesn't need to be removed immediately. It's a culture war. Those hesitating are no different from Trump voters. It's the southern, and rust belt, and western cowboy bigot whites who want their country white again vs. the niggers, spics, wetbacks, kikes, and reasonable white progressives on the coasts and in Illinois.

But let's give the president a chance. Fuck off.
White vote 58% Trump...6 of 10 white Americans are scum. Officially ashamed of my race.
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