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Inc vs GmbH

Tonight I worry about the efficiency of speech and what gets lost in the compression. Take for example the abbreviations of Inc and GmbH. In the first approximation they are both short for "corporation". But what is lost in the translations? I suspect that the difference deals with what Americans long for as "transparency".

The abbreviation Inc is short for incorporation. In a nutshell an incorporation amounts to a club that trusts one person to speak for it. A king.

The abbreviation GmbH is short for community with a common book. In a nutshell a community with a common book amounts to a club that argues over how to reduce the expense of their common concerns.

What common concern would you trust to a king vs what common concern would you bring to a common book?

I am pissed off as fuck about city lighting that is too bright and street use that is too noisy. A GmbH might be a better solution for my worry since I am confident that we are tiring of bright and loud cities.

How would an Inc king address loud and bright cities without addressing his privy counsel, who might just happen to be bikers with MagLites?
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