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Originally Posted by bobabode View Post
In my considered opinion, this is where it went personal, Ike. This is getting tedious so, how about you and Boreas just cool it?
Of course it's where you think it went personal, bob. It's a fucking joke, bob.

I will cool it. I offered to cool it and did cool it both times you requested it before. Of course Boreas wouldn't and didn't, and I end up on vacation without the courtesy of an explanation from you, because he's your AK buddy. Even after he admitted on the open forum to being a stalker. But I'm not gonna shut up about it.

So...see ya, I suppose.

PS - I would have PM'd you with this bob. But you haven't provided me with the courtesy of a reply the last half-dozen times I've attempted to discuss this with you in the appropriate venue, here it is. So ban away on your one-way Moderation St., bob.
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