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bobabode 10-01-2015 11:02 PM

Just For You Harman Kardon...YGTLW(Read the first page of this thread before posting)
DNU It's going to be a looooong weekend for our friends at AK, so. DNU

You start it Chris and explain the rules for these miscreants here. ;)

HarmanKardon 10-02-2015 02:43 AM

What a nice idea, my very good friend.

There are many many rules, and game founder "Rome" (Don) listed them in the very first post of this thread which has more than 58000 replies now, I am the top poster in the thread with more than 7200 posts.

Anyway - the basic rule is simple. I start a sentence and the next poster carries on with the last word of this sentence. Only one sentence. A period, an exclamation mark or a question mark ends a sentence. Let us keep the game more simple here. Just one more rule: If there is more than one post within 3 minutes, starting with the same word, the last word of the last post counts.

And just one more thing: "You Get The Last Word" is a game that really suffers from trolling instantly - so if you like to participate, please follow the rules strictly.

Okay, let's start with three examples:

HarmanKardon 10-02-2015 02:44 AM

Audiokarma will be offline this weekend.

HarmanKardon 10-02-2015 02:45 AM

Weekend without AK will be not easy for a bunch of AK addicts.

HarmanKardon 10-02-2015 02:47 AM

Addicts need professional aid.


DNU means "Do not use as last word" and this is a tool in order to post remarks without disturbing the flow of the game. Carry on now with the last word "Aid".


d-ray657 10-02-2015 07:51 AM

Aid your neighbor and you will find satisfaction.

HarmanKardon 10-02-2015 07:56 AM

Satisfaction is what Mick could not find.

d-ray657 10-02-2015 09:10 AM

Find it or not, Otis Redding could sure sing it.

donquixote99 10-02-2015 10:15 AM

It's news to me that Otis did that, it's great--more than just a cover!

HarmanKardon 10-02-2015 10:52 AM

Cover your private parts in public!

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